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United Kingdom National Parks

United Kingdom National Parks

Wales and England are among the UK countries rich in plants and animals as portrayed by the beautiful parks that form a home for world animals and highest mountains. Importantly, a bill that was passed in 1949 allowed public access to the beautiful sceneries while preserving and protecting the habitats. Precisely, some of the areas that were protected by this act formed the best national parks in the UK. Having prior knowledge about the best national parks in the UK is an added advantage. The beautiful mountains and glacial features are among the eye-catching features you cannot afford to miss. Let us have an overview of some of them.


·        The Lake District National Park

The colliding continents, tropical seas, and deep oceans define this park. Located in the North West part of England, this mountainous region makes the holiday destination for tourists. The reason behind being an excellent destination is the numerous and largest lakes with the deep peaks. The Lake District was officially recognized as a national park in May 1951, with the aim of protecting the beautiful niche from harmful industrial activities that were fast encroaching. Commonly upland heath, dunes, and limestone pavements form the eye-catching features for tourists. The national park covers close to 2,200 kilometers.

·        Snowdonia (Welsh: Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri)

Being the second largest park in Britain Snowdonia was established in 1951. It covers an approximate area of 2,100 kilometers and comprises of coastlines close to sixty kilometers. It is managed by Snowdonia National Park Authority. Local government and Welsh representatives coordinate together in administration purposes. Snowdonia is subdivided into four distinct areas. The northern parts of the park include Snowdon Massif, Glyderau, and Carneddau mountains. Peaks of Moel Siabod, Moelwynion, and Cnicht are the second section of the park. The remote parts of Rhinogydd and Magnet comprise the third section while Dyfi and the highest mountain of Aran form the third part of the park. The park is well known by the best hiking experience gained by hikers from the highest mountains.  Thus, if you like touring places and do hiking as your hobby, this is the place to be.

·        Yorkshire Dales

This park was established in 1954. It is characterized by the valleys and hills that extend from the valley of York to the hilltop of Pennine watershed. Dales covers an approximate area of 1,800 kilometers. Milstones Grit peaks, beautiful limestone sceneries, deep valleys and the wide Moorland plateau are the main attracting features of Dales. Glacial and post-glacial features such as lakes located in this park make it a world tourist destination. Sightseers and few mountain climbers are the most frequent visitors to this park. Malman and Semerwater lakes also are admirable parts of this park.


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